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How to Write A Good Classification Essay

How to Write A Good Classification Essay

In college, your professor or instructor may ask you to write a classification essay. Before you begin writing such an article, it is essential you know what it is and what purpose it seeks to serve. A classification essay, as the name suggests is an academic article, which classifies thoughts, ideas, characters, or items with similar characteristics into specific categories or sets.

There is a huge distinction between a classification essay and other types of essays. A classification essay involves a lot of research than other papers. Students encounter difficulties when writing classification essays. This is because they do not know how to write the essays as they are given little information on how to write such articles. To write a good classification essay, consider the following tips:


Before you begin writing your paper, you need to generate ideas. Do not rely on your professor for a specific topic to work with. To be able to work on the paper with ease, get all the ideas you can work on and note them down.  Ideas you may get from writing services like Essay Basics and to get more visit the website For instance, you can choose types of diets, music, animals, films or movies, dancing styles, and study habits of college students among others. Such topics have definite categories you can classify them into. Also, remember to avoid topics which have too many categories. They will make your research more tiresome and hence bore you before you even begin writing your paper.

Develop a thesis statement

A thesis statement forms part of your introductory paragraph. Additionally, it helps shape or silhouette the whole approach of your essay. Develop a thesis statement early to keep your writing on track. You can commence by stating what you are classifying, the list of classification categories, and explicate what criteria you used to classify them. In your thesis, you can also explain the reason behind the classification.

Conduct extensive research

The preliminary research you conducted to does not provide you with the information you need to elucidate your classification reasons. Therefore, you need to conduct ample research about these categories and gather as much information as possible. Find informative and clear definitions for your classification categories. Identify the characteristics of each category. You will notice that there are similarities and differences in your research. Classification essays give room for comparison. So, use that. You can also cite or allude to reliable and authoritative resources in your article. This will make your essay more trustworthy.

Create an outline

Develop a plan for your essay. The outline is crucial in essay writing as it is a rough draft of how your paper should appear. Plan how you will incorporate your ideas into the main parts of your essay which include;

  • An introduction
  • The body
  • A conclusion

Your outline should encompass all the supporting evidence or proof and illustrations which will explain how you developed your classification categories.

Write the classification essay

You can write your essay with ease as you have the outline and all the information you need to include in your essay.

Do the revision

After writing your article, you need to go through it. This will help you correct all the spelling and grammatical mistakes you may have made during the writing process. Also, see to it that your paper corresponds to the topic in discussion.

In conclusion, writing a classification is as simple as writing any other essay. However, for a classification essay, you need to conduct more research. To write a good classification essay consider using the tips discussed above