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What’s New and Trending in HVACR


The AHR Expo took place in Atlanta earlier this year, gathering industry professionals from around the globe to learn about what is new and trending in the HVACR industry. From its founding in 1930, the annual expo has become the largest HVACR event in the world, providing a unique forum where manufacturers from across the industry can meet with product designers and engineers to installers and end-users. Together, everyone is able to share ideas, cultivate business relationships, and showcase the future of HVACR technology.


Elyse Davis, Public Relations, Americas, for Automation Solutions at Emerson expanded on her experience of the event, “We had a great experience in Atlanta this year and found that the AHR Expo is really the place to be as an HVACR professional. Traffic to the Emerson booth was excellent on all days, exceeding our expectations. What’s more was the quality of conversation we had on the floor was fantastic.”


This positive experience was echoed by Mike Smith, Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, when he explained that “after attending my 23rd AHR Expo, this one stood out for the positive energy and vibe. No doubt the strong economy contributed to this sentiment, but also attendees seemed genuinely enthusiastic about products and technologies that not just heat and cool buildings, but enhance lives and make facility management easier. At past expos, I would find myself addressing the hesitancy of engineers or HVAC contractors to try our Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. Now the experience levels have grown so that most of my conversations at the expo were about what›s new and exciting.”


The focus on “what’s new and exciting” was absolutely a strong focus of the expo this year. Shelli Cosmides of Bacharach mentioned that, for her, some standout trends this year were “the use of natural refrigerants, the need for low level leak detection systems and the need for refrigerant identification systems.”


For Dan Jones, President, UV Resources, an important trend of note was how “many building owners and HVAC Contractors were uncertain about the details of the new fifth edition of the UL 1995 safety standard that goes into effect in November 2019. The standards require, among other things, the addition of safety interlock switches to  protect HVAC operators from UV-C exposure by de-energizing the UV-C system when an access door/panel is opened.”


Mike Smith also echoed the note around a focus on standards, but mentioned that, for him, he observed that “everyone is looking to reduce both physical footprints and carbon footprints.” Smith went on to explain that attendees of Mitsubishi Electric Trane’s booth had a specific interest in products that could “increase usable space” and maximize “energy savings as a step toward decarbonization.”


Although trends of note may change from person to person and company to company, there was a concert of opinions echoing the point that this year, the AHR Expo stood out as an overwhelmingly positive and well-attended event for all manufacturers present.



By Alana Hippensteele, Editor of American Cleaning & Hygiene Magazine