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Ultraviolet Light for Ultra Disinfecting Might

The SLX high output ultraviolet fixture from UV Resources efficiently and affordably disinfects HVACR airstreams, cooling coils and drain pans to keep them free of infection-causing and efficiency-robbing microorganisms and organic matter.


ASHRAE Research shows that ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UV-C) kills pathogens on surfaces and in air streams, and also stops the proliferation of infectious or allergenic agents.


One of the HVAC industry’s most favored energy- and maintenance-saving technologies, UV-C is known to reliably provide cleaner air by preventing microbial buildup in cooling coils, drain pans and duct surfaces.


The UL-listed per ABQK, high output SLX fixture, which stands for Single Lamp eXterior-mounted fixture, offers facility managers and building owners an option to disinfect air and surfaces that are typically inaccessible from inside the air handler. Additionally, when applied adjacent to the cooling coil, the high output lamps can deliver improved HVAC heat transfer, decreased energy use, reduced maintenance downtime and damage and improved IAQ.


Ideal for a full-range of applications including air streams of 33 to 170 degrees F, 100-percent RH, and any velocity, the SLX fixture’s high intensity lamp protrudes into the duct, where it can best treat the air stream.


From: UV Resources, Santa Clarita, California;