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The Ultra Wafer Cleaning Tool

ACM Research, Inc., a provider of wafer cleaning equipment used by manufacturers of advanced semiconductors, has released the Ultra-C Tahoe, a new addition to its line of single-wafer cleaning tools.


Contemporary conventional high-temperature single-wafer cleaners provide good cleaning performance at advanced nodes, but consume significant amounts of sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. During normal cleaning processes, only a fraction of the acid reacts with the wafer surface, while the majority is wasted as acid spins off the wafer and cannot be recycled. The excessive acid usage causes unnecessary cost, greater safety requirements, and more waste treatment for modern fab operations.


ACM’s Ultra-C Tahoe incorporates patented technology, and also uses 20% or less of the sulphuric acid typically consumed by most high temperature single wafer cleaning tools. ACM estimates the Ultra-C Tahoe platform can save tens of millions of dollars a year for a typical 100,000 wafer-per-month DRAM fab. This new product is another example of ACM’s focus on differentiated and patent-protected product offerings.