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Sweep Cleaning Is Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry in Chicago


SWEEP Cleaning is a tech startup that specializes in connecting cleaning professionals with consumers. SWEEP gives cleaning professionals the opportunity to build their own business by giving them access to a suite of resources and customers through the SWEEP app. By providing quality information and training to each member, SWEEP intends to create a sustainable future for all cleaning professionals. As a result, customers can reap the benefits of higher quality cleaning services at a lower cost.


Traditional cleaning companies require a recurring commitment to their services after the initial appointment; they also charge customers extra to choose from an “a la carte” menu. SWEEP has created a model that will give customers the flexibility to pay by the hour.


The national salary average for a house cleaner is estimated at $24,000 a year. There are close to one million individuals working in this profession throughout the United States. This is an incredible number of people facing economic hardships. The SWEEP platform is attempting to change the cleaning industry in two ways:

  1. Spearheading the first ever system that compensates cleaners fairly and puts them on a path to financial success and security
  2. Creating a system for customers to find reliable, convenient, and affordable cleaning.


With SWEEP, the professionals can make anywhere between $50-100k a year, leading to more economic prosperity in the house cleaner community.


ABOUT SWEEP: SWEEP recognizes a need for change within the professional cleaning industry. We put a focus on fast and easy booking along with reliable and quality service. Additionally, we put a major focus on shifting the original financial structure on how professional cleaners are compensated to something never done before. Professional cleaners with SWEEP keep a majority of the profits for services rendered. Because of this, we are able to take all of the financial bloat out of the cost of a professional cleaning and make it much more affordable for you. This also gives our professional cleaners more incentive to do the very best job they can, because they treat every job like it’s their own business. SWEEP is available all throughout the greater Chicago area.


Source: SWEEP Cleaning