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A Steam Heater That Brings the Heat

The Komax Sanitary Steam Heater can be used for heating, cooking, sterilization and pasteurization. It can be utilized in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing, petrochemical distillation, pulp and paper manufacturing, and wastewater management.


The sanitary steam heater is available in a range of sizes. These include small, 4-inch steam heaters and starch cookers for the food and beverage industry. It also includes larger sizes. These include steam heaters for Petrochemical Distillation as well as starch cookers for both Pulp and Paper and Wastewater Management.


This invention is a major breakthrough in how liquid, slurry or starch is heated during any manufacturing process. The ow-through design provides for clean in place (CIP) or rapid disassembly for cleaning. It has been awarded certification by the 3-A Standards Administration Council.


From: Komax Systems, Inc.; Huntington Beach, California