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Speed Queen’s Front-loading Rhapsody

To meet increased consumer demand, Speed Queen brings back its front load washer. In addition, the brand will also offer a front control dryer to match.


Offered in both front and rear control models, the Speed Queen front load washer boasts 3.5 cubic feet of capacity, or roughly 22 pounds. In addition, it offers that capacity in a smaller footprint (27 ¾ inches deep requiring just 31 3/8 inches of install depth) than many other washers.


The 2019 models come with new features that many will appreciate. Speed Queen’s new Sanitize with Oxi Cycle is designed to remove bacteria when it’s used with an Oxi additive and a minimum water temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The new model also offers an Allergy Cycle option, which introduces a third rinse to loads. This feature will make sure laundry chemicals are rinsed completely from linens and clothing.


From: Speed Queen; Ripon, Wisconsin