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Shutting the Door on Odor

The laundry team at GE Appliances created a laundry system designed to help prevent the biggest complaint in front load washers. The UltraFresh Front Load washers use new technology to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria without the need for wiping down the machine or leaving the door open after each load.


Front load washing machines were designed for high-efficiency operation—they use the least water and energy, are gentler on clothes and have more capacity; however, 46 percent of users say that mold or odor is their top frustration when it comes to front load washers. In fact, one in two front load washer owners move back to top load washers because of smell and associated maintenance. The new UltraFresh Front Load washers also introduce a variety of exciting features driven by user data and insights to make laundry easier and more enjoyable.


From: GE Appliances; Louisville, Kentucky