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Ripple Glass and End of Waste Foundation are Saving the Glass


Due to End of Waste Foundation and Ripple Glass’s common mission of increasing glass recycling rates, Ripple has implemented End of Waste’s Blockchain Waste Traceability Software (BWTS) to provide immutable data that proves their increased recycling rates. BWTS traces glass waste quantities from bin to new life.


“Ripple Glass recycles glass from Kansas City and over 100 communities throughout the Midwest. We have increased the glass recycling rate in Kansas City from 3% to 20%, but in recent years, that recycling rate has stagnated. To increase glass recycling, the costs of recycling will need to be shared between producers, consumers and processors like us. The End of Waste Foundation will enable cost sharing between those that produce glass, and the facilities that recycle it. We believe that glass is too good to waste and look forward to working with the End of Waste Foundation to fix the broken value chain of recycling.” says Michelle Goth, General Manager of Ripple Glass.


How End of Waste BWTS works:

  • MRF inputs quantities of sorted glass to be delivered to the processor.
  • The processor validates quantities & reports glass cullets shipped to the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer validates quantities & reports recycled glass quantities to EOWF.
  • A Glass Certificate encapsulating all the data is created.
  • EOWF makes the verified quantities available in the marketplace.
  • Sustainable businesses and citizens contribute to receive a glass certificate to offset their carbon footprint.


Valued at $70 per ton, sustainable businesses and conscious consumers can enroll in the EOWF program to acquire certificates. Up to $35 per ton will get shared among each entity involved—MRFs, Processors, and Manufacturers. A minimum of $20 will be dedicated to investments and R&D. The remainder stays with EOWF for scaling, development, and maintenance.


ABOUT END OF WASTE FOUNDATION: End of Waste Foundation is a startup based in Costa Mesa, California whose mission is to increase recycling rates and divert waste from landfills, through blockchain technology.


ABOUT RIPPLE GLASS: Ripple Glass, founded in 2009, is the brainchild of the folks at Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri. Since its launch in 2009, Ripple Glass has more than quadrupled the rate of glass recycling in the Kansas City metropolitan area and partnered with more than 100 municipalities throughout the Midwest.


Source: Ripple Glass