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The Right Push Pump For Mother Earth

The EvoOne is an innovative push pump single dosing unit from Hydro Systems. It offers versatility and a small footprint, and is an ideal solution for multiple tasks in kitchen environments.


The EvoOne dispenser, a compact unit that delivers accurate doses of concentrated chemical into sinks, bottles, buckets and other containers, replaces Hydro’s MultiDose unit. Improved features include premium seals designed for more aggressive, super concentrated chemicals. Unlike other technology, the EvoOne dispenser does not require a water line connection, allowing it to dispense chemical directly into the desired container.


To enhance simplicity and flexibility of installation, the EvoOne features a modular wall bracket system and is adjustable for easy chemical filling. Hydro also offers an optional tamper-proof closed cap system with the unit, ensuring safety and accuracy with every use. The EvoOne is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, and offers businesses unique branding opportunities to customize the dispenser and cabinet.


From: Hydro Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio;