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Reliant Plumbing to Establish Future-Focused Training Program

AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Reliant Plumbing ( has announced that the planned use of their recent office expansion will be to provide hands-on training for employees in an effort to perfect existing skillsets and practice new techniques within the aging plumbing industry.


Owner Max Hicks and superintendent Stephen Warren, both Master Plumbers, have created a training program designed to educate journeymen and technicians so they can provide the best possible service to clients in the Austin area. With the average plumber’s age hovering around 58 years and piping that only breaks down further with time, Hicks determined that guiding the future of the ever-present industry was of utmost importance for the legitimacy of his trade.


On top of honing skills, the training program is inspired by the need to attract young talent to carry the torch. “If you are thinking about the plumbing field as your career you will find it hard to locate a school that will be able to teach you all the ins and outs. As with most trade jobs, the best way to learn is being hands on and working in the field,” Hicks notes. With a focus on increasing knowledge, professionalism, and respect for the craft, the training program looks to raise a new generation of experts that can be relied on to fix some of the most common yet potentially hazardous plumbing issues.


Hicks believes that plumbing isn’t just unclogging toilets and clearing out drains – it’s protecting the health of the nation. “A plumber controls all the water, both clean and wastewater, that goes in and (hopefully) out of your house and around the city. You may not think about it as much as we do, but I bet you are grateful for safe drinking water and properly disposed wastewater.”


Reliant Plumbing has more than 5 decades worth of plumbing experience in the Austin area, also servicing residential and commercial customers with leak detection, water heater, and drain issues. Through their educational initiative, Hicks and Warren look to provide many more decades of expertise that customers can rely on.
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