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RB Partners With TerraCycle To Announce Free National Recycling Program

Recycle Popular Consumer Health and Nutrition Packaging


Global health and hygiene company RB, maker of popular consumer brands including Mucinex and Enfamil, announced today their partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle to offer consumers a simple and completely free way to recycle their consumer goods packaging.


The RB Health & Nutrition Recycling Program will accept packaging waste from all brands of vitamins and supplements, upper respiratory, sexual health & well-being, as well as infant formula & child nutrition, personal care and foot care.


The Healthy You, Healthy Planet™ partnership with TerraCycle to recycle all health and nutrition packaging is the next step in achieving RB’s global commitments to support a more sustainable future, which also includes reducing product packaging and eliminating waste through innovation.


“At RB, we know how important protecting the future of our planet is to our consumers so we’ve partnered with TerraCycle to make it simple for anyone to take an active interest in the environment and recycle their packaging waste,” said Nitish Kapoor, Executive Vice President, RB North America Health Brands. “People buy millions of RB health products from brands like Enfamil and Mucinex every week, so offering free, national recyclability for the packaging is simply the right thing to do.  This program is part of RB’s ongoing commitment to creating a circular economy, which also includes making 100% of our packaging recyclable or reusable, while using at least 25% recycled plastic content in our packaging by 2025.”


Through the RB Health & Nutrition Recycling Program, packaging waste from the following categories will be recycled:

  • Vitamins, minerals and supplements packaging (Ex: MegaRed & Airborne): blister packs, tubes, bottles, cans, boxes, caps and lids
  • Sexual health and well-being packaging (Ex: K-Y & Durex): tubes, bottles, wrappers, cans, boxes, caps and lids
  • Cough, cold, flu, sore throat, and nasal care packaging (Ex. Mucinex & Delsym): bottles, tubes, spray bottles, blister packs, caps and lids
  • Infant formula and child nutrition packaging (Ex: Enfamil): tubs, bottles, wrappers, cans, boxes, cap, and lids
  • Personal care and foot care packaging: tubes, bottles, caps, lids, and other plastic packaging


From vitamin bottles and caps to infant formula tubs, TerraCycle will clean and melt the collected product packaging into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products.


“At TerraCycle, our mission has always been to ‘Eliminate the Idea of Waste’ and its recycling initiatives like the RB Health & Nutrition Recycling Program that drive awareness of single use packaging epidemic. These programs elicit positive change in the consumer and ultimately lead to the preservation of our environment for future generations to come,” said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO. “Since our founding, TerraCycle has made it our objective to recycle the unrecyclable, while diverting waste from landfills and local communities. It’s partnerships like the one we enjoy with RB that truly make a difference and make it possible.”


The RB Health & Nutrition Recycling Program is open to any interested individual, school, daycare, fitness facility, healthcare office, office, or community organization. To learn more about RB’s global commitment to support a more sustainable future visit For more information on TerraCycle’s innovative recycling programs, visit


About RB
RB* is a leading global health, hygiene and home company inspired by a vision of the world where people are healthier and live better. Its purpose is to make a difference by giving people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes.


Through its two business units, Health and Hygiene Home, RB has operations in over 60 countries and its products reach millions of people globally every day. Its trusted household brands include names such as Enfamil, Nutramigen, Mucinex, Delsym, Durex, K-Y, Clearasil, Airborne, Digestive Advantage, MegaRed, Move Free, Neuriva, Lysol, Finish, Woolite and Air Wick.


RB’s drive to achieve, passion to outperform and commitment to quality and scientific excellence is manifested in the work of over 40,000 diverse, talented entrepreneurs worldwide.  For more information visit


*RB is the trading name of the Reckitt Benckiser group of companies.


About TerraCycle
TerraCycle is an innovative waste management company with a mission to eliminate the idea of waste®.   Operating nationally across 21 countries, TerraCycle partners with leading consumer product companies, retailers, cities, and facilities to recycle products and packages, from dirty diapers to cigarette butts, that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated. In addition, TerraCycle works with leading consumer product companies to integrate hard to recycle waste streams, such as ocean plastic, into their products and packaging. TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for sustainability and has donated over $44 million to schools and charities since its founding 15 years ago. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, please visit


Source: RB