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QuietMaster Makes Some Noise

Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. is unveiling its “QuietMaster” technology, designed to operate up to 45 percent more quietly as compared to competitive room air conditioning units. QuietMaster is now available with Friedrich’s complete lines of popular window and through-the-wall room air conditioners, including Kühl, WallMaster, Chill and Uni-Fit.


Friedrich’s QuietMaster technology starts with the company’s design process and continues through the selection of components and materials, with ongoing testing and product innovation conducted at Friedrich’s own state-of-the-art engineering lab. QuietMaster reduces operating noise through exacting manufacturing standards that include using dense, sound-blocking insulation, a quiet rotary compressor, steel inner walls, a completely-enclosed commercial grade fan motor, insulated air plenum (to prevent noise intrusion), motor mounting techniques that eliminate extra vibration and a blower wheel housing made from solid steel.


From: Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.; San Antonio, Texas