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How to Properly Clean a Portable Restroom

By David Sauers
August 19, 2019


Anyone who’s ever used a portable toilet knows how unpleasant they can be—but we need them, especially at events, festivals, construction sites and more. But between the awful smell and lack of hygiene and upkeep, using such toilets can be a disgusting experience. Let’s be honest—we use them out of necessity rather than by choice.


However, a portable luxury restroom has the potential to be a different experience from these last resort options portable options. If the portable restrooms are maintained and cleaned by staff in the same manner in which they would clean a home restroom, then the experience can actually be a pleasant one for guests. In fact, the method of cleaning a portable restroom is more intense than a home restroom, as it requires a more thorough eye and stronger, more potent, commercial-grade cleaners then those used in the home.



Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that the guests who attend events have varying levels of sensitivity to chemicals, which means that special attention should be paid to the use of chemical solutions in the portable restroom. Any local ordinances regarding chemical usage should also be followed, as well as guidelines or regulations regarding site-specific cleaners, such as those required in the food service industry or in business remodels.


A “top to bottom” cleaning method can be an effective approach to cleaning and maintaining a portable toilet as well. In this method, all rubbish is emptied and carried away first and foremost. Then, the soaps, paper towels, and toilet paper dispensers are refilled, as well as any signature mints, if necessary. All urinals and toilets are then cleaned and refilled with the appropriate “maintenance” chemicals added. At this point in the process, walls and fixtures are sanitized as well. Sinks and countertops are next with mirrors shined following that. Finally, the floors need to be mopped.



During an event, it may be necessary to have on-site attendants who are able to monitor the restrooms to ensure the same standard of cleanliness and service are provided throughout the event. The attendant should step in between guests to guarantee all paper products are stocked, mirrors are spotless, and floors are tidy. Additionally, if the event is longer, a regular deep clean will be a necessary component of the portable restroom’s maintenance.


From the hand towels to the toilet paper, a clean restroom provides a lasting impression on guests at an event. For this reason, seemingly small details like the cleanliness of that restroom can be as important as the prompt customer service of staff who answer the phone or tend the bar. Maintaining high sanitary conditions at an event can, in this way, effectively set a precedent of high-quality service that guests can confidently expect in the future.


David Sauers is the Founder of Royal Restrooms.