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The Power Pusher Dumpster MoverTM enables someone to individually maneuver 500 to 6,000 pounds ef ciently and effortlessly with complete control of the movement process. The battery-powered tug also allows for improved operator safety and productivity as it replaces other more costly solutions. The sealed transaxle design delivers stable operation over uneven surfaces, while the patented Auto Latch system provides a strong lock that is easily connected and disconnected without the insertion of a pin. Furthermore, the lock-out hub enables the machine to be free-wheeled to get wherever you need to go as fast as you are able to get there. This Power Pusher Dumpster MoverTM is
a must-have for any facility in need of a safe, clean and silent solution for the handling of bulk material by allowing for the transport of virtually anything that rolls.

Available: The Power Pusher Dumpster MoverTM can maneuver 500 to 6,000 pounds, while the Dumpster Lite can move under 800 pounds. The Super Pusher Dumpster Mover features solid rubber forklift tires in a 20,000 pound capacity machine.

From: Nu-Star, Inc., Shakopee, Minn.,