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Perfect Your Walkthrough Process

By Greg Berg
May 13, 2019


An initial walkthrough at a prospective client’s space is one of the most crucial steps in the sales process, and first impressions are everything. That is why being prepared before meeting a potential client at their space is imperative. Walkthroughs allow you to begin to build a relationship with a client and a solid foundation with them for the future. To win their business, you have to be attentive, detailed, and engaging.



A walkthrough is the opportunity to demonstrate that you will meet all of your potential client’s requirements and needs. Creating a detailed walkthrough checklist to guide you during walkthroughs can ensure that you are collecting the vital information that you need to create accurate bids and an accurate scope of work for your teams.


Creating a Strong Walkthrough Checklist

Gather as many details about the client’s facility as you can. You should thoroughly inspect every room that the client shows you. For each room you go through, you should be recording detailed notes that you can refer to when it is time to create your bid. Smooth out any details in regard to personal items left on desks or building security and access. Furthermore, for each room, you should record the square footage of the area, the breakdown of the floor type (carpet, marble, VCT, hardwood, etc.), and add notes about areas of concern. For example, if the client mentions that there is dust buildup on certain ledges, you should make a note of that. Also, be sure to take photos whenever you can, as long as you ask the client for permission first.


Ask the client about any problems that they are experiencing with their current contractor. Get as many details as possible in regard to high traffic areas and focus on the client’s expectations, and what they consider clean. This is also an opportune time to upsell any additional services you provide such as floor care or window cleaning. Even if the client does not request floor services today, they might come back in a month and change their mind. If you have recorded the square footage during your walkthrough, you can reference your notes instead of having to return to their space for a follow up. If your notes are organized and specific, then you can properly address them in your proposal.



Initially, this sounds like a lot of information to be collecting while engaging with a customer. Walkthroughs are an art, and becoming a walkthrough expert takes time. However, organizing your checklist beforehand and following a standard process will get your skills up to speed much quicker. A powerful way to improve your ability to capture all necessary data is by modernizing how you are collecting it. It is time to move away from pen and paper and invest in technology to improve your walkthrough process, so as to increase your team’s efficiency. Digitally capturing and organizing your walkthrough notes can be performed with various mobile apps on your phone.


Technology Improves Your Walkthrough Process

One way to impress clients and show that you sincerely care about providing them the best service is by methodically taking photos of pain points they have mentioned and attaching notes to those points on your smartphone. Explain to your customer that you want to provide the best possible service, and your thoroughness will ultimately benefit them. This helps your customers feel like their specific needs will be addressed.


Having pictures of the client’s space assists with the proposal creation as well, since you can use those images to visually reference key areas. Also, it’ll help to cut down on time spent going back to the client’s space if they ask for additional services. Additionally, photos can be utilized to prepare your operations department after you win the contract. Your team will never walk into a building blind anymore, which will cut down on the disconnect between your operations and sales teams.



New technology is having a large impact on production, time, and costs. Implementing technology to streamline and digitize walkthroughs has helped Building Service Contractors improve sales, while simultaneously making their internal operations more efficient. Create a great first impression with a client by also making your daily operations easier through a tech-savvy approach.


Greg Berg, Customer Success, Route