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More than $200 million strategic partnership will capture methane from US dairy farms and convert it into clean, renewable energy for US consumers


Dominion Energy and Vanguard Renewables announced a more than $200 million, nationwide strategic partnership to convert methane from US dairy farms into clean, renewable natural gas (RNG) that can heat homes, power businesses and fuel vehicles. Multiple projects are under development in Georgia, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah with additional projects planned nationwide.


Methane is produced from a variety of natural sources, including dairy, hog and food waste. When released into the atmosphere, methane emits approximately 25 times more greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide.


By capturing methane from US dairy farms and converting it into RNG, Dominion Energy’s and Vanguard Renewables’ strategic partnership will reduce annual CO2 equivalent emissions by more than 450,000 metric tons, the same as taking nearly 100,000 cars off the road or planting 7.5 million new trees each year.


A typical dairy waste-to-energy project consists of a cluster of multiple farms totaling 20,000 to 30,000 dairy cows. The methane produced from dairy manure is captured through a process known as Farm Powered® anaerobic digestion and is then transported through low-pressure gathering lines to a central conditioning facility. Once the gas is processed and cleaned of any impurities, it is then delivered to local consumers through the existing underground distribution network.



ABOUT DOMINION ENERGY: Nearly 7.5 million customers in 18 states energize their homes and businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy.



ABOUT VANGUARD RENEWABLES: Vanguard Renewables is a leader in farm-based anaerobic digestion.



ABOUT DFA: Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is a national dairy marketing cooperative with more than 14,000 members on more than 8,000 farms in 48 states.


Source: Dominion Energy