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Swish, one of the oldest and leading distributors of professional cleaning products in Canada, announces they have just launched a new e-commerce store on their website. Referred to as the “eStore,” according to Irina Kem, Director of Marketing at Swish, “this will be a new type of e-commerce platform, unlike any currently available in the [professional cleaning] industry.”


One of the things that makes the new eStore different is that it is designed to provide, what she calls, a “guided purchasing experience.” The site is intended to help guide visitors to specific products that can address their cleaning needs and challenges. This is accomplished with educational, “how to” videos and traditional content. But the eStore also focuses on providing cleaning solutions. “Instead of just selecting a product to address a specific cleaning issue, we want to help our customers find long-term solutions to their cleaning needs,” she says.


“In some cases, this might mean selecting a bundle of products, all designed to work together, helping [to] keep a facility clean, safe, and healthy.” The site, which has been in the planning stages for more than a year, has also been constructed to be quick and easy to navigate. It also includes information designed to address trends in the professional cleaning industry, such as Canada’s WHIMS program. The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information (WHIMS) program requires that chemicals used in the workplace be updated so that they meet the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.


Kem adds that while the new eStore has just been launched, overall the response to it has been very positive. “We’ve had a great start and are looking forward to doing a lot more with our new eStore in the future


Source: Press Release