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The New Generation WaveBrake Breaks onto the Scene


The New Generation WaveBrake is a new product from Rubbermaid Commercial Products that features structural web-molded plastic construction to ensure quality and durability.


Through market research, we found that 20% of all job-related injuries are caused by slips, trips, and fall injuries. The New Generation WaveBrake’s patented baffles result in 80% less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, which helps to create a safer environment for patrons and staff.


Additionally, the average mop bucket with water weighs up to 28 pounds. The New Generation WaveBrake’s optional foot-operated drain helps users empty mop buckets into floor drains, eliminating the strain associated with lifting and bending. For facilities where sinks are used, integrated handles, a sink ledge, and a pour spout provide control while lifting and emptying.


The New Generation WaveBrake is designed and built to the highest standard for professional use. With an industry-leading warranty, the WaveBrake side-press and down-press wringers are guaranteed to last 5 years or 200,000 wringing cycles. A durable wringer handle with a comfort grip, non-marking casters, and an optional dirty water bucket help improve worker productivity. The previous version of the WaveBrake will be discontinued and replaced with this new version.


Available: 26-Qt, 35-Qt, and 44-Qt sizes, with a side-press or down-press wringer. A variety of colors are available to accommodate a color-coded cleaning system and help reduce cross-contamination.