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Never Make A Quotidien Mistake

This new product from GP PRO is the enMotion® Flex Paper Towel System. This system is able to
deliver 99.9% jam-free dispensing and 97% customer satisfaction. With the many challenges facility managers face every day, it’s hard to nd time to accomplish everything. For this reason, the new enMotion® Flex Paper Towel System is here to make quotidien issues a bit easier. Its Dual Roll Auto-Switch Technology consumes the smallest roll rst, and allows for 100% utilization

of each roll before it switches to the roll on standby – that means absolutely zero waste. The intuitive design
of enMotion® Flex makes training custodial easy, and helps make re lling a far easier process as well. This product is currently only available through one lifetime lease agreement with GP PRO or an authorized GP PRO dealer.

Available: These dispensers are available in black and stainless steel, and are offered in automated touchless, recessed automated touchless, and mini automated touchless.

From: Georgia-Pacifc Consumer Products, Atlanta,

The image for this product is attached below.  Also, the blog is running late still from our blog contributor from last week.  Currently, I am waiting for the blog to either come in from last week, or the blog this week to be sent in.  I will sent over to you the first of the two that arrives.