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A MetaActiveTM Formula for Insect Elimination

Advion® WDG insecticide is a sprayable formulation that is labeled to control a broad range of targeted insects including large-colony ants, cockroaches, pantry pests and termites. Its formulation can be used in multiple ways across commercial and residential accounts to help add convenience and flexibility to service offerings.


Due to its versatility, it can be used in commercial areas, including food-handling establishments and residential areas. It also allows for reliable control as its powered by the active ingredient indoxacarb, which controls a broad range of pests for up to 60 days.


This formulation provides users with peace of mind due to its MetaActiveTM effect, which differentiates between target insects and non-target organisms. Furthermore, it is a non-repellent, non-pyrethroid and non-neonicotinoid formulation that can be applied as a spray or foam, indoors and outdoors.


From: Advion, Inc.; Ithaca, New York