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Meet… Adon T. Rigg, Founder, Professional Cleaning Academy


Adon T. Rigg, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Insightful Selling Solutions, recently founded the Professional Cleaning Academy. The Professional Cleaning Academy will be launching soon, so we connected with Adon to learn more about this new venture and his other current projects.


Could you tell us about your professional background in the industry?


I began in 1994 as a territory manager for a midsized distributor out of Western Canada by the name of Wesclean. I spent a few years half committed to the industry and in 1999 got out of the industry to pursue an inside customer service role. It was in this role that I realized the power of outside sales and that I could control my own destiny. I then became committed to being a professional in the industry in a new way.


You recently founded the Professional Cleaning Academy. What is the focus of the academy in terms of curriculum and industry engagement?


The focus of the Professional Cleaning Academy was developed to help both distributors, Mfg, and service providers in their outbound and inbound sales and marketing strategies. We have an online sales program, a three-day sales and marketing seminar, and a digital media division that creates content specifically for the industry.


Why did you feel it was important to establish the Professional Cleaning Academy?


If you ask 10 people within the industry to define us by name you will get 10 different answers from JanSan to commercial cleaning. I believe Professional Cleaning best defines what we do and the difference we make. The Professional Cleaning Academy was created to assist both service and supply companies in the differentiation and growth of their janitorial businesses using both inbound and outbound sales and marketing practices.


Besides the new Professional Cleaning Academy, you have a widely-viewed video-cast. How did you get started with this video-cast?


I had many reservations before starting a video project. I wanted to wait until I had everything perfect, but I realized that I was procrastinating and, like a fine wine, that I would get better at the video-casting process with age. So I dove in, and when I look back at the first videos I created, I looked like a deer in headlights, but I keep getting better and better and someday I will actually be good.


How has your video-cast expanded your knowledge and awareness of the industry?


I have met so many industry leaders through this videocast, many of which I now call friends. The biggest surprise has been the number of younger thought leaders that are emerging who will lead this industry into a future that we so desperately need.



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