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Managing Your Team Through Tech

Finding the right BSC software solutions for sales and operations


Operating a commercial cleaning company consists of various departments, teams of differing sizes at multiple locations, and tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner to keep clients happy. On top of that, it’s important to make sure that your employees are taken care of so that the employee turnover is low.


In short, it’s a lot to manage. Fortunately, there are available innovative technologies that can help to keep your company on track and your workforce in alignment. Here are a few examples of the types of software that can take your business to the next level.


Sales Software


Since gaining new accounts can be difficult due to numerous moving parts, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM software) is available to help your business develop its relationships with individuals and their organizations. With CRM software, it becomes possible to track contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, websites, and other relevant details that allow you to have better conversations with customers. CRM’s also streamline your sales process by tracking the stages of your sales pipeline—from the first time you speak with a client to signing the contract. You and your team can have visibility with every opportunity or lead that you are working on by using such software.


Innovation through the use of technology can also improve sales. When meeting clients at their site for a walkthrough, you can use tech to take detailed notes about their space, which in turn can help clients feel more confident in your services. Software on your mobile phone can also help you to take photos, record dimensions, and organize hot points. This will make you not only stand out to clients but will also help you to create accurate estimates. By having all of your notes in a digital format, you can share it among the entire team involved in the sales process. If one person performs the walkthroughs and another writes proposals, then having electronic notes can help you share information with everyone regardless of location.


The right document creation software can also help you customize proposals that are tailored to your client, as well as add appropriate sections related to the industry. Furthermore, investing in the time to create templates for all of your documents can help your team create perfect proposals regularly. By digitizing all of your documents, you can share them within your company so that everyone understands the details and current status of each customer relationship.



Document creation software can help you digitize your documents, allowing you to share them within your company so that everyone understands the details of each customer relationship.



Operations Software


After winning an account, a whole new set of tools beyond sales are required for managing your workforce. The operations portion of your business consists of many complex parts: from scheduling to tracking employee shifts and performing inspections. However, there are plenty of industry specific tech solutions in existence today that can help you manage operations as well.


As your company grows, scheduling and task management can become incredibly messy. With smart phones in almost everyone’s pockets these days, it becomes easier and easier for your employees to stay on top of their schedules and workload. In this way, a scheduling and task management software with mobile and web capabilities can drastically cut down any miscommunication between management and employees in the field. It is recommended to use a software that is intuitive for your team and can be easily accessed on mobile devices. When your employees have any questions about shift details, allowing them to access that info themselves online can save you valuable time.


Additionally, using mobile clocking in and out software allows for more accurate reporting and increased accountability. No more time is wasted on manually calculating hours or crunching payroll numbers. Your employees can simply pull out their phone and clock in and out with geofencing capabilities to ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be.


It is recommended that your inspectors are equipped with a mobile app to record photos and notes that can be converted to an inspection report; this in turn can help to clear up any mistakes that were made during the inspection. Such apps can also provide continuous training by using the inspection software to share ideas and techniques with your employees regardless of distance or differences in schedules.


Managing your team through technology is getting easier and easier with the new developments in software for every aspect of a business. The right technology can decrease miscommunication between departments and employees and increase sales while simultaneously streamlining your operations. Keep your entire company and workforce aligned with technology that automates your company’s tasks so you can prioritize growing your business.


By Ricardo Regalado, Owner & Founder, Route



Ricardo Regalado
Owner & Founder, Route


Route is a software platform for the building services industry that empowers companies with data, sales, and human capital management tools. Route is currently headquartered in Chicago, although its industry impact is on the national level. We sat down with Ricardo Regalado, Route’s Owner and Founder, to learn a little more about this new software platform and how it got its start.


How is Route helping to change the way things are done in the industry?


Route offers a modern solution for sales teams to perform walkthroughs and, by doing this, is digitizing and streamlining the traditional sales process within the  industry. Right now, the industry standard is still pen and paper or unorganized notes and photos on mobile phones for walkthroughs. We wanted to change that since a thorough walkthrough improves estimate accuracy, helps create proposals tailored to the customer, and also sets a detailed scope of work for the operations department.


What is different about Route that separates it from other companies in its field?


Route is different from other companies because it was created by a Building Service Contractor. Route’s software is designed from the ground up by people in the industry who know what kind of unique solutions are needed to run a growing company. Furthermore, Route’s field tools for the walkthrough and sales process are unique because this process did not previously have industry specific software.


How did Route get its start?


Route began a year ago when I won the Capital One pitch contest. After working as a BSC in the industry for seven years and growing from two employees to over 250, I wanted to see a strong software solution that understood the needs of a growing BSC. Route now has ten employees and is proud to help newcomers and veterans within the industry by providing software that knows the ins and outs of commercial cleaning.