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Malish Sonic Scrub

The Sonic Scrub (U.S. & international patents pending) is the first floor brush of its kind to be released to the industry specifically designed for oscillating floor machines. The Sonic Scrub is a light weight, deep cleaning, rectangular brush and has the ability to deep clean various floor surfaces such as ceramic, quarry, and Terrazzo floors making this an extremely, versatile brush. The Malish Sonic Scrub is the ultimate solution for all 14” x 20” oscillating floor machines including stick, walk behind and riders.


This newly designed floor cleaning offers significantly longer life expectancy than standard pads. The Sonic Scrub does not require additional time to stop and flip over like the standard floor pad requires. It also reaches into deep grout lines where floors pads cannot reach. The Sonic Scrub outlasts floor pads 20 to 1, which also make it an environmentally friendly option over floor pads. Installation and removal is easy thanks to the quickchange design. The brush allows the user to get many uses out of it before replacing saving time and money when compared to the frequency of changing floor pads.