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Enlighted Inc. joins Siemens with the common goal of providing IoT solutions

Siemens Building Technologies Division is acquiring Enlighted Inc., a leading provider of smart IoT

(Internet of Things) systems in buildings, headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company is a successful player in the smart building industry, bringing an advanced digital sensory system to market. Both parties have agreed not to disclose financial details. Closing is expected this quarter. Enlighted will be managed as an independent legal entity and wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Industry, Inc.

“Enlighted has a strong footprint in revolutionizing building intelligence by developing a multisensor- based IoT platform, using the power of data,” said MatthiasRebellius, CEO of Siemens Building Technologies.

“With this move we are demonstrating our commitment to drive digitalization in the smart building industry.”

Enlighted achieved its technological leadership with a worldclass IoT platform for commercial real estate. The platform consists of multi-function sensors, distributed computing, its own network, and software applications. The beating heart of Enlighted’s platform is smart sensors that securely stream data to the cloud. In addition, the platform enables reduced energy use, improved space utilization, better environmental management and greater asset utilization.
“With Siemens as a global partner, we will both accelerate innovation and market adoption of our smart building technologies on an international scale,” said Joe Costello, Chairman and CEO of Enlighted Inc.

Enlighted analyzes and visualizes the collected sensor datato drive down operating costs and improve the inner life of a building. These sensors can be installed in every light fixture with the ability to collect data 65 times per second to detect environmental and occupancy changes and react to lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) needs in real-time. Based on an advanced smart lighting control application, the Enlighted platform can currently lower lighting costsof a building by up to 85 percent when combined with advanced LEDfixtures. In addition, the platform can locate people and assets within a building and analyze the occupancy of floors and rooms. Finally, in combination with Siemens solutions, the Enlighted platform can optimize the energy efficiency of HVAC systems.

The interaction between buildings and humans is crucial to increase productivity, energy efficiency and comfort in a building. From its inception, Enlighted has been focused on understanding how buildings can be made more efficient, and how the people who work in them can be more productive. Enlighted’s smart IoT platform with a digital sensory system is applicable in any light fixture and is a core element of revolutionizing building intelligence by enhancing the dialogue between humans and buildings.

Source: Siemens Building Technology Division.


FAST FACT: There are many reasons why New York City will lead smart building adoption. Ambitious legislation, strong incentives, and industry champions are some, but not all of the reasons. The city offers a cheap renewable source of recent college grads with top skills, great funding, state-of-the-art technology, growing population trends, an old housing stock in need of retrofit, smart city challenges, large number of urban incubators, and even the city
size to attract partner cities (Helsinki, Paris).

Source: The Journal Blog.