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A Lean, Clean, Steamin’ Machine

Sienna, the flagship brand of Anvid Products, introduces its Vela Garment Steamers. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, these “workhorse” devices quickly and easily take the wrinkles out of fabrics–even many fabrics not traditionally suitable for traditional ironing, including silk, wool, polyester, nylon and velvet. Their extremely portable size makes them perfect not only for home use but on the road as well.
The versatile Vela Garment Steamers can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions. Their versatility is further evidenced by the fact that they can not only be used to touch up clothes, but they can also keep family members safe by killing dust mites that live on fabrics, pillows, sheets and toys. What’s more, travelers will appreciate that they can be used to sanitize virtually every item or surface in their hotel room, killing 99.9 percent of all germs and bacteria.
Vela Garment Steamers offer a unique stainless steel faceplate that is especially useful for taming the toughest wrinkles. Vela On-The-Go provides 1500 watts of continuous direct steam; the Handheld model 1200. Vela On-The-Go comes with a water bottle attachment that can be used with most water bottles, while the Handheld version features an extra-large metal faceplate. Both offer an extended steam run time of 14 minutes–plenty of time to tackle even the most troublesome wrinkles and filthiest surfaces.
Available: Vela On-The-Go and Vela Handheld
From: Anvid Products, Livermore, California;