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It’s Supplyways or the Highway

WCP Solutions is re-launching the Supplyways Industrial Product Line with 31 new products including Supplyways chemicals and dispensing systems, towel and tissue, strapping, and stretch film. The new product lines come in a variety of sizes and dispensing options.


These products are guaranteed to meet a customer’s cleaning needs, but they don’t have to compromise their values in the process. Four of the new Supplyways chemical items are EcoLogo certified and the Supplyways Towel and Tissue line includes products that are Green Seal Certified and up to 100% recycled.


In tandem with WCP’s new line of chemical and cleaning products, they’re offering new industrial packaging products. This new line includes a Supplyways Hand Stretch Film and three different colors of poly strapping (Blue, Green, White).


From: WCP Solutions; Kent, Washington