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ISS’ current integrated facility service contract with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), which was set to expire by the end of 2018, has been extended to 2021. ISS has delivered integrated facility services to HPE since 2005, and the partnership has now been extended to run until end of October 2021. The extended contract has the same scope as the existing contract. ISS will continue the full FM delivery to HPE’s office and manufacturing facilities.


Martin Gaarn-Thomsen, ISS Group COO, says, “HPE is a very important, long-standing customer of ISS and we are very happy to be able to extend the partnership for another 34 months. Offering a flexible, transparent and consistent facility services setup, we will continue to optimise and improve our service offering on this next leg of the journey with HPE.”


The services delivered are technical maintenance, facilities maintenance and repair, catering and hospitality services, landscaping and cleaning services as well as a broad variety of support services (helpdesk, shuttle service, etc.). Approximately 2,500 employees are engaged on the contract across more than 200 sites, including offices, customer experience centres, and manufacturing facilities in 44 countries.


Source: Press Release