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Irresistible Flame Resistant Products

With FlameSafe™, designers can utilize the best properties of natural rubber, such as its tremendous grip and wear in friction components and vibration and noise damping properties for applications that require UL approval, like appliances, robotics, and enclosures.


Griswold® FlameSafe natural rubber is also sustainable and recyclable, achieving flame resistance while maintaining RoHS compliance. As the world’s first such family of materials to meet the UL HBF flame rating specification, the Griswold® FlameSafe is non-halogenated and maintains the same strong grip, resiliency, and vibration damping as the company’s traditional sponge offering.


Available: Griswold FlameSafe™ products will be available in multiple firmness and thickness options, varying from 3mm to 1/2″ materials.


From: Griswold, LLC, Moosup, Connecticut