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Hero Wipes for the Hero in Your Life

Hero Wipes, the leading innovator of proven, protective wipes for first responders, today announced the results from additional lab testing of the Hero Wipes product that confirm its capability to remove up to 99.7 percent of lead contaminants. That is in addition to the previously proven removal of up to 90 percent of known carcinogens found in soot for the FIRE decontamination wipe. Public safety professionals, including firefighters and law enforcement personnel, are put at great risk daily from exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens. Post-incident decontamination with proper wipes is critical to reducing the risk of toxic handoff.


Recent studies show that firefighters responding to structure fires are exposed not only to potentially carcinogenic soot but also lead contaminants coming from household furnishings, carpets and appliances. Studies also show an increased risk of lead poisoning for Law Enforcement members due to the exposure of gunshot residue and lack of proper decontamination. Assembled in the USA and EWG verified, Hero Wipes has been formulated, tested and proven to remove carcinogenic soot and lead contaminants in the same wipe.


From: Hero Wipes, Chino, California;