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Get Water Now With The Aqua 125e

Water Now, Inc. has announced the new Aqua 125E water purification system. The Aqua 125E connects to commercial electrical power, which means that the new Aqua 125E can run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The Aqua 125E is designed to provide clean water in environments where commercial power is available, but guaranteed clean drinking water is not. Furthermore, Water Now, Inc., manufactures water purification systems that utilize patented “Flameless Heating” technology to generate potable water from virtually any water source. Capable of removing both biological and mineral impurities without the use of complex filtering systems, or the use of membranes or the filter media that need to be changed on a regular basis, Water Now products are changing the way the world responds to the need for potable water in any environment.


From: Water Now, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas;