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Fluid Control for Total Control

The dental delivery system is a key element in the practice suite — supplying air and water to the dentist’s hand tools. It must have efficient and reliable fluid control to permit effective operator performance and optimal patient comfort.


In the past, the design engineer could have adapted a legacy fluidic path design to meet the needs of the new delivery system’s specifications. However, a host of demands are driving significant changes in fluid control design. Factors such as U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, more compact dental equipment, more stylish patient environments, improved ergonomics, and reduced product development cycles are placing new demands on fluid path design for dental systems.


In response, engineers are beginning to embrace a promising new design strategy — pre-engineered fluid control, as can be seen in our new ASCO Series 252 Valve. These plug-and-play modules simply drop into the delivery system and incorporate integrated fluidics that fulfill the needs of virtually any design. They reduce system complexity and dramatically speed up the development process.


From: Emerson, St. Louis, Missouri;