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Fab Screens for a Fab Scent

O​xy-Gen Powered has launched its Fab 30™ urinal screens for men’s restrooms. Infused with high-quality fragrance and Neutra-Lox™, a proprietary malodor eliminator, the screens eliminate rather than mask foul odors to keep urinals smelling fresh for 30 days. Fab 30 features a unique design to eliminate splashes and is available in 10 distinct fragrances that complement Oxygen-Pro air freshener scents for a total odor control solution.


Fab 30’s flexible mesh design allows it to fit any urinal and keeps drains clean by trapping debris. The screens have curved ribs with added height at three endpoints and optimum space between the ribs to help eliminate urine splash-back. This improves the appearance of floors, prevents germs from spreading and reduces cleaning time.


From: Oxy-Gen Powered; Atlanta, Georgia