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ez2mix Seals the Deal

Nyco Products Company’s new ez2mix® Dilution Control System offers users a safe and easy way to fill mop buckets, RTU bottles and auto scrubbers with absolutely no chemical contact and precise dilution accuracy.


The new ez2mix® Dilution Control System includes twelve chemical concentrates from degreasers to disinfectants, to meet the needs of almost all facilities and industries. It also features multiple sustainable formulations, including a Safer Choice Certified VOC free glass cleaner, a Safer Choice Certified multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer, three Green Seal™ Certified concentrates, and a carpet extraction cleaner that is CRI approved.


The new system is designed with key user benefits of safety, precision and productivity. Secure metering tips built into the 80-ounce ez2mix® concentrate bottles provide a safe, closed-loop system that eliminates spills and chemical contact for users. Precise dilution from the state-of-the-art ez2mix® dispenser ensures that chemical-to-water ratios are accurate, no chemical is wasted, and product performance is consistent from use to use. Number-coded and color-coded bottles help users quickly and easily identify chemicals for additional safety.


The small-profile ez2mix® wall-mount dispenser will hold up to four ez2mix chemicals with both high and low flow water rates.


From: Nyco Products Company; Countryside, Illinois