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Enginia Engineers Flexibility in Its New Hinge/Handle

Enginia SRL has introduced their new Dual-Safe hinge/handle. This patented hinge/handle system allows an air handler door to be opened in either direction, or even removed completely, allowing flexibility to deal with on-site obstructions. Furthermore, a safety escape system allows someone to open the Dual-Safe latches and exit the air handler from inside, even when fully locked from outside.


The Dual-Safe hinge is also a 3-axis hinge, which allows easy adjustment of vertical, horizontal, and depth for proper door alignment. Compression can be easily adjusted with a standard hex key at any time, without removing any covers.


The Dual-Safe hinge/handles are constructed of high-density UV attenuated plastic, constructed over a steel backbone for high strength, durability, reliability, and attractiveness. Dual-Safe can be surface-mounted, only requiring door penetration for the safety escape system.


From: Enginia; Lancaster, Pennsylvania