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Enduring the Piping Hot Elements

Ultraviolet radiation poses a real challenge to the durability and longevity of plastic piping systems, so POLOPLAST designed a unique product in response. POLOPLAST UV is the world’s most advanced and longest-lasting polypropylene (PP-R) piping solution for outdoor applications, as it is tested under the toughest conditions in order to be extra-resistant to the elements.


Unlike other piping systems, German-made POLOPLAST UV pipes and fittings won’t rust, scale, corrode, or crumble in the sun and rain. Instead, these specially formulated, five-layer PP-R pipes provide decades of dependable outdoor performance with virtually no maintenance.


The very first construction project to utilize POLOPLAST UV was the Ministry of Electricity and Power and Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait City, Kuwait in 2014. POLOPLAST UV proved an ideal piping solution for the ministry headquarters’ PV solar-panel washing system on the roof. Ambient temperatures in the city’s desert climate reach 130 degrees in summer and, under direct solar radiation, as high as 187 degrees.


From: POLOPLAST America Inc.; Houston, Texas