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Eco-Responsibility over Profitability in Your H20

As the world’s population grows, the ability to quickly and accurately assess the quality of water samples is essential for ensuring drinking water safety and public health. When it comes to coliform tests, temperature variations as small as 0.2°C can produce erroneous data. That is why PolyScience, experts in temperature control, developed their coliform bath with a temperature accuracy to within 0.07°C, allowing users to rely on their results.


The coliform bath, which has been specifically designed for coliform and E. coli testing, can be used with both the membrane filter method or the most probable number method. It is preconfigured for coliform testing at 44.5°C but can be altered at the press of a button to a range of presets.


All of PolyScience’s coliform baths are produced to order—not a common business model for profitability, but certainly a factor which helps to reduce environmental impact. This aligns with one of PolyScience’s core values—they want to deliver the highest standards for the best value, while having a minimal impact on the environment.


From: PolyScience; Niles, Illinois