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DHT Brings the Heat

Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc. (DHT) released the STP Series fully packaged storage water heater that utilizes a compact double wall brazed plate heat exchanger. This heat exchanger optimizes heat transfer by generating more efficient hot water replenishment of the storage tank. Ideal for a variety of new and retrofit water-to-water heating applications that require little to large storage volume capacities, the STP Series brings operational and cost benefits to apartment complexes, correctional facilities, hospitals and other healthcare centers, hospitality settings, and colleges and universities.


DHT has developed the STP Series with a modular design that allows multiple simplex and duplex heat exchangers to be stacked for efficient built-in redundancy and extra capacity in a small footprint. Maintenance is also improved through the design, as it allows each heat exchanger to be isolated for cleaning and servicing to eliminate system downtime.


From: Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc.; Towaco, New Jersey