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CSC 2020: Make the Connection

February 18, 2020, Toronto, Canada—The Canadian Sustainability Conference (CSC) 2020, which takes place April 7-8 in Toronto, is the only event that offers educational sessions led by foremost authorities in these three closely intertwined sectors:

  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Leadership and Next Gen Strategies
  • Cleaning and Infection Prevention & Control.


The Three-Way Tie

CSC 2020 organizers chose these three tracks specifically based on their increasingly close relationship in today’s world:


Sustainability and social responsibility are no longer options in today’s economic climate, but rather, necessities for businesses that want to remain viable.


This focus on sustainability and social responsibility is especially true when it comes to attracting the next generation of leaders, workers and customers. Today’s younger professionals care—and they want to know the organizations they associate with care, too.


Meanwhile, infection prevention—and the cleaning required to achieve it—is top-of-mind for all generations, especially given the outbreak of viruses, such as the flu, MRSA, SARS, Ebola and, most recently, the Coronavirus—not to mention the increasingly frequent reports of seemingly unstoppable “super bugs.” And in sync with other businesses, those in the cleaning-, facility management- and health care-related fields want to protect human health with processes and products that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.


CSC 2020 is the only event that allows attendees to “connect these dots” by providing professional development opportunities in all three of these vital areas under one roof.


With this in mind, below is CSC 2020’s outstanding lineup of speakers and session descriptions by track—including three new sessions—all of which are sponsored by three prestigious universities: Ryerson, Royal Roads and the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business.


As an added bonus, attendees who complete three out of the four CSC 2020 sessions presented by Ryerson University (denoted below with an *) will receive a Recognition of Participation certificate from the Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University.


Social Responsibility & Sustainability Track

  • Dr. Saeed Nejatian will lead two seminars, the first on the importance of improving social responsibility at the corporate level —including how you can do it in your organization. His second session will introduce you to the Lean Six Sigma, including real-world tactics you can use to maintain both quality and sustainable business practices. *
  • Tim Nash will discuss the shift in the global green economy, illustrating how large financial institutions are recognizing the risks and opportunities available; he will even explain how to identify “green” portfolios for investing. *
  • Karen Malone will give two vital sessions, the first on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that your organization can—and should—use to create sustainability goals to align them with broader societal goals. In her second session, Malone will review the five most important sustainability trends you need to know—from zero waste to the circular economy.
  • Bob Willard will present on business sustainability management, showing how businesses can manage their impact on people, the planet and profit to ensure future prosperity.*
  • Andrea Chmielinski will explain Ontario’s Circular Economy Act, relating what it includes—and the consequences of noncompliance.
  • NEW! Scott Steady will discuss how, as buildings are tightened to conserve energy, building occupants are subject to elevated levels of potentially harmful indoor air pollutants. You will learn how to better protect your buildings’ indoor air quality (IAQ)—and occupants’ health—including the selection of low-impact products and proactive IAQ monitoring.


Leadership & Next Generation Strategies Track

  • Neil Lathangue will talk about the challenges and critical considerations that today—and tomorrow’s— facility managers and the industry overall face when trying to assure sustainability and still preserve their bottom lines.
  • Ben Walker will introduce the OS-1 for Cleaning Management program used by top U.S. universities and other large organizations and government entities.
  • Lou Fernandes will advise on the best ways to integrate new products and technologies into an organization to assure they are accepted by management and workers of all ages.
  • James “Lee” Senter will cover how to prepare for a disaster, whether manmade or environmental, including the leadership required to persevere and motivate others to respond as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • Barley Chironda will demonstrate the basic principles of change management to help facilities successfully lead and implement change with the least amount of disruption.
  • Tom Breckles will discuss how sustainability, once a concept embraced by the few, is not only feasible but necessary in commercial entities—and what it takes to become a forerunner in this green field.
  • Michael Lithgow will illustrate how Sunnybrook Hospital, honoured for more than a decade as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, continues to be a leader in sustainability despite constrained budgets and competing time demands.
  • NEW! Andrew Lindzon will provide a macro overview of technology (the Internet of Things, Smart everything, artificial intelligence, etc.), including its main drivers and impact on the workplace as well as specific examples of how technology can be applied to existing processes and challenges.


Cleaning and Infection Prevention & Control Track

  • Heidi Wilcox will present two sessions: The first will help us understand what sustainability really means in today’s world and how to measure its return on investment (ROI). Her second seminar will focus on new technologies that, once embraced, can save us time and raise the bar on cleaning and protecting public health.
  • Randy Burke will share his years of marketing expertise and unique formulas to help you grow your commercial cleaning or related business with an emphasis on the benefits of showcasing the correlation between cleaning and health.
  • B. Douglas Ford and Keith Sopha will explain how the cultures and data (respectively) were collected to make the Cleaning and Disinfecting in Ontario Schools project so successful.
  • Sopha will also present two sessions solo: In the first, he will outline existing Environmental (EVS) Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines and Standards and how to implement them in your organization. NEW! In his final session, he will discuss EVS training resources and programs that are available to assure ensure your team has the core competencies necessary to deliver best practice cleaning and disinfection.
  • Ross Manley will tell us like it is when it comes to ways to reduce your cleaning costs while maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Dean Waisman will illustrate why cleaning and auditing certification programs are critical to increase the safety in hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls and every other type of facility.


Given these highlights—plus three outstanding keynotes, an expo floor featuring 80 top suppliers and outstanding networking opportunities—all for a more-than-reasonable cost—can you afford to pass up CSC 2020? The answer is no.


Register by February 29 to take advantage of the Early Bird Special and save Canadian $75.


About CSC
The Canadian Sustainability Conference (CSC) is Canada’s premier event for the cleaning, infection prevention and control, purchasing and sustainability industries. The conference, hosted by MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions and its strategic partner, Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM), attracts CEOs, directors, managers, supervisors and other top-level management from the education, health care, government, building service contractor, integrated facility services, property owners and management and related sectors. For more information, visit or contact Mike Sawchuk at; phone, 905-932-6501.


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About CAEM
The principle function of the member-driven Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM) is to promote the professional growth and development of its members and support best practice cleaning and disinfection practices with the objective of reducing hospital acquired infection caused by environmental surface contamination.


Founded in 1971 as the Canadian Administrative Housekeepers Association (CAHA), the association changed its name in 2003 to better reflect the growing changes to the healthcare industry as it relates to Environmental Services. For more information, visit


Contact Information: For more information and to register for CSC 2020, visit or contact Mike Sawchuk at; phone, 905-932-6501.