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The California Hotel & Lodging Association Promotes Best Practices

Cleanliness and safety are the top priority


Cleanliness is one of the top searched terms when guests are choosing a hotel to stay in for business or leisure. Keeping rooms spotless and safe builds customer loyalty, generates new business and drives hotel profits. Regardless of where a hotel is located, the number of rooms, or a hotel’s brand affiliation, cleanliness is a top priority across the board for hotel guests, which means that the same must apply for the hotel owners and managers as well.


Bolstering Operations


Since cleanliness is so firmly tied to a hotel’s overall success, it is essential for hotel owners and managers to implement a smart strategy for bolstering their housekeeping and safety operations. For this reason, the California Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA) works diligently to ensure its member hotels operate at the highest possible standards when it comes to cleanliness and safety. Recognized as one of the most influential state lodging associations throughout the country, CHLA’s mission is to protect the rights and interests of hotel owners and operators and be their indispensable business resource. Since CHLA was formed, it has grown from a small social group of 36 men and women to one of the largest state lodging associations in the country. It now represents more than 1,800 members, which  comprise approximately 175,000 guest rooms across California.


Promoting Best Practices


Throughout CHLA’s 125-year history, it has expended significant efforts to promote hotel best practices and protect the rights and interests of hospitality workers across the state. From initiatives that focus on ways to guarantee guest and employee safety to going above and beyond to create clean and comfortable lodging for guests, CHLA is dedicated to advocating for members every step of the way.


To keep our guest rooms spic and span, we must ensure our valued housekeepers are healthy and safe. We are proud of our hotels’ commitments to safety that includes state-of-theart tools, technology and training. Such methods have resulted in an outstanding safety record for our hotels.


CHLA took that message to heart as it engaged recently in multiyear negotiations with California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal OSHA) to inform and frame the Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP). The MIPP standards, which were implemented in 2018, set protocols and procedures for hotels and employees about tools and working conditions, including providing appropriate equipment for each task, ensuring proper training is provided, effectively communicating safety issues and concerns, ensuring worksite evaluations are performed and that all safe work practices are met. Furthermore, the standards ensure that rooms and other hotel spaces are cleaned to the highest standards and that it is done in a safe and practical way for the hotels’ housekeepers.


Teaching and Empowering Housekeeping Professionals


CHLA has provided its housekeeping colleagues with thousands of hours of paid, safety trainings that teach and empower them to identify potentially threatening situations and take appropriate actions. This includes trainings that help housekeeping professionals to identify situations of human trafficking, sexual harassment and domestic violence. CHLA also organizes seminars for its staff so that they are educated and informed on best cleaning and hygiene practices that ensure guests are comfortable and safe throughout their stay, including a “Best Housekeeping Practices” seminar and several bed bug symposiums.


In addition to trainings and seminars, CHLA ensures that its member hotels deploy the best industry tools and technology to ensure a safe environment for their employees, guests and communities, including deployment of “personal notification devices” that all workalone employees can use in the case of emergency situations. These devices help housekeepers and other employees to feel safe as they do their job by allowing them to alert authorities should they feel they are in danger or if they have identified a potentially threatening situation.


Since cleanliness is so firmly tied to a hotel’s overall success, it is essential for hotel owners and
managers to implement a smart strategy for bolstering their housekeeping and safety operations.


For CHLA and its members, improving cleanliness and safety standards is an undeniable path to ensuring the highest guest satisfaction rate and maximizing profits.  ue to this awareness, CHLA provides members of the housekeeping team with the training and tools they need to succeed and remain safe—whether it’s through workplace trainings, industry seminars on best practices or the implementation of the latest in cleaning technology—which makes a huge difference in an industry where the importance of hotel cleanliness is the key to success.


By Lynn S. Mohrfeld, President and CEO, California Hotel & Lodging Association.