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Waste Increases During the Christmas Season

Article by Laura Brothers, AlterNet

19th of November 2018

The average household produces more than a ton of waste every year—and it’s during the festive period that we waste the most, according to E-Card firm Eco2 Greetings.

In fact, the company said that over Christmas we create 30% more waste than usual.

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Fragrances. Why They Really Stink.

Article by Lawrence Smith

12th of November 2018

What does clean smell like?

Well, today it could smell like lemon or pine or apple blossom or … almost anything. But what should clean smell like?

Perhaps some of you remember the days when towels were hung outside on a clothesline to dry in the fresh air. That’s what clean should smell like. Towels fresh off the clothesline. Of course, they didn’t really have a “fragrance” at all.

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Fighting the Flu in the Modern Age

Article by Paul Budsworth

6th of November 2018

The 1918 influenza pandemic killedapproximately 675,000 Americans and 50 million people around the world. One hundred years later, medical advancements like vaccinations have drastically reduced total fatalities related to the flu. However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the 2017-2018 flu season resulted in more than 900,000 hospitalizations and 80,000 deaths.

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The Cost of Convenience

Article by Jennifer McDermott

29th of October 2018

As the saying goes, time is money, and according to recent research from finder, Americans are willing to attach a pretty hefty price tag to it.

Convenience services certainly make life easier, but, according to a recent study, Americans are spending $177 billion on convenience services each year, 46% spending on services such as delivery, driving, handiwork, pet needs and subscription boxes.

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Battery Technology: The Power of the Future

Article by Markus Asch

22nd of October 2018

Battery technology is a key technology with unique future potential. Smaller and more powerful batteries were one of the decisive driving factors behind the digital revolution. Just as smartphones have had a lasting impact on society, also thanks to lithium-ion batteries, innovations will now be possible that just a few years ago seemed inconceivable.

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How to Kill Germs without Killing People

Article by Lawrence Smith

15th of October 2018

Okay, that title may sound a bit extreme. But actually it’s not crazy at all. We all want our living and working spaces to be clean. Whether we’re in our own kitchen or our favorite restaurant, in a bathroom or boardroom, hotel or hospital, we don’t want to deal with dirt and germs.

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For Cleaning Tomorrow’s World

Article by Ilham Kadri

8th of October 2018

We are working in an industry that is making a valuable contribution to the health and wellbeing of the community. Yet our work often remains invisible. It is only noticed when someone comments on a build-up of “dirt” or lack of cleanliness.

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TRSA Helps to Reform California Title 22

Article by Joseph Ricci

1st of October 2018

TRSA’s efforts to reform California’s Title 22 code, which regulates the laundering of healthcare linen, took the final step to passage when California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed the legislation into law.

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CleanWell Believes ‘Knowledge is Power’

Article by Alana Hippensteele

25th of September 2018

The cleaning products that are available to buy for commercial use may look and smell ‘clean,’ but most of them have a cocktail of chemicals that can be dangerous to your health, and to the health of the planet.

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The ABC’s of Social Media in the Cleaning Industry

Article by Laura Napper

18th of September 2018

Firstly, when dealing with social media, think about your business and who you want to engage with – a commercial cleaning company would do better on LinkedIn than Facebook, for example, whereas a domestic cleaning company would do well on Facebook. Posting photos of before/after images looks great on Instagram, but not on Twitter. The key here is to really consider your audience and how to engage with them through each medium!

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Deceptive KPI’s

10th of September 2018

If you want to ensure your facility is running in tip-top shape, tracking the essential facility maintenance KPIs is critical. Depending on the KPIs you choose to track, the picture you paint of how well you’re performing can change. Some KPIs might even give you a skewed picture of what’s really going on inside your facility, so it’s important to understand why you could be fooling yourself with “good” results.

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Planned Maintenance Movement

Article by Markus Asch

21st of August 2018

If a company doesn’t set aside the budget for regular HVAC maintenance, they will often spend more money replacing equipment that breaks down prematurely. Small companies that keep their budgets too tight are often the most vulnerable – but that’s not even the most intimidating part.

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For as long as Deisy Gonzalez can remember, she has enjoyed working with her hands. It’s a rewarding feeling to look at a famous structure and say, “I built that.”

When she started thinking about her career, the trades became a perfect fit.

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Hand Washing: Cool Water As Effective As Hot For Removing Germs

Article by Dr. Donald W. Schaffner

6th of August 2018

We all know that washing our hands can keep us from spreading germs and getting sick. But a new study I co-authored with GOJO scientists and published in the Journal of Food Protection found that cool water is just as effective as hot water in removing bacteria from hands.

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A Recipe For Success In The Jansan Industry

Article by Dr. Ilham Kadri

1st of August 2018

There is no life without water. In the same way, I have always maintained that “there is no sustainable life without hygiene and cleaning.” I am passionate about the cleaning sector and constantly seek out ways to improve public perceptions of the JanSan industry.

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Autonomous Cleaning – Where Is It Going?

Article by Markus Asch

16th of July 2018

Robotics and automated solutions are on the advance everywhere. At the same time, the debate on what the effects will be on the use of human labour is omnipresent. Studies predict that the need for service robots will grow worldwide – including cleaning robots – and acceptance in the population for such a need is also increasing.

The challenges that exist within the market are not decreasing, such as the increase in labor costs, an aging population reducing available workforce (especially in developed markets), or the customer’s request for new solutions to reduce total cost of cleaning – to name just a few.

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Working With Foreign Language Customers

Article by Alana Hippensteele

8th of May 2018

There may come a time professionally when it is important or necessary to work with foreign language customers looking to buy a product. Numerous professionals may experience a sense of uncertainty when considering how to proceed in this interaction, but there are a few key elements that will be helpful and important to remember in order to support a successful business transaction with foreign language customers.

First of all, it is important to remember that emotions are universal throughout the world, and the ability to read people’s emotions on their face is possible without understanding exactly what they are saying.

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Keeping an umbrella and an ice scraper in the car doesn’t seem very important when it’s a sunny day in June. But, eventually it will rain or there will be an overnight frost and having these items readily available makes these weather-related inconveniences more bearable. Having spill kits in multiple areas of a facility where spills are most likely to happen is similar to having an umbrella and ice scraper in the car. Chances are, spills don’t happen every day – but when they do, having stocked spill kits ready for response allows employees to take immediate action. This minimizes the overall time spent cleaning up a spill and reduces the likelihood that someone will slip and fall while response supplies are being obtained.

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Understanding & Managing Diversity

Article by Kiran (Raj) Rajbhandary

8th of March 2018

Diversity is a hot topic in every avenue of daily life. The word itself illuminates a difference, and in the present day it suggests unity, unification and inclusion through separate experiences and uniqueness. Whether we are referring to diverse neighborhoods, educational institutions or the myriad work environments – diversity has complexities that in combination can make many unique profiles.

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If you believe that technology is not going to impact your cleaning company, or that your cleaners are not using Facebook while on the jobsite, you probably don’t want to read this (just trying to save you time).

However, if you’re aware that your cleaners are using their smartphones at work, consider this: why not try to use this to grow your business? I don’t need to outline the benefits of technology — few would dispute its ability to unlock productivity and subsequent impact on growth. The larger topic to address is why so many business owners in the janitorial industry reject the idea of adopting technology.

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