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Bacharach Changes the Game with the MVR-SC

Bacharach introduced the new MVR-SC controller designed to pair with MVR-300 refrigerant monitors to provide real-time status of refrigerant leaks throughout a facility.


The key functions of the MVR-SC include centralized alarming for MVR-300 VRF leak detectors, network set-up and MVR-300 Modbus ID assignment, system monitoring, and seamless integration with MVR-300.


The MVR-SC eliminates the need to integrate VRF leak detection into a BAS controller and the related custom programming expense. By implementing a hybrid Ethernet serial network, the MVR-SC simplifies the Modbus integration, provides fast response for fault detection and troubleshooting and is quickly deployed in any size facility.


The MVR-SC monitors up to 100 MVR-300 devices and has an integrated audible alarm. The MVR-SC has an intuitive user interface built on a color, touchscreen display.


VRF systems are being increasingly deployed in multi-tenant buildings such as hotels, dormitories, assisted living facilities, and offices. The Bacharach VRF leak detection system, which includes the MVR-300 and MVR-SC, improves occupant safety in the case of a VRF system leak.


From: Bacharach; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania