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Allapure™ Levels up to Hospital Grade

Developed from cutting edge research based on clinical testing, Allapure™’s Professional Hospital Grade Cleaner is safe, gentle and non-toxic, 100% alcohol, bleach and chlorine-free and okay for use around pregnant and lactating moms and babies. Allpure’s long-lasting protection can kill 99.999% of harmful germs, bacteria, spores including C-Difficile, MRSA,VRE, E. Coli, CRE & Norovirus. Allapure effectively kills superbugs for up to 6 hours, common germs up to 24 hours, and sanitizes surfaces for up to 28 days or 30 washes. Allapure’s persistency is designed to continue working long after a single application, improving its cost effectiveness and sanitation protocol compliance among employees.


Allapure Professional Hospital Grade Cleaner comes in a ready mixed solution with no dilution required. It can be applied to small surface areas by spraying directly onto the surface and allowing to dry. Alternatively, it can be sprayed onto a sponge or cloth and then wiped onto the surface or item. Drying time with this application is very quick and the procedure is complete within minutes.


From: Allapure, Dallas, Texas