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An Agent of Cleaning Change

CleanMax is a concentrated dual-purpose cleaning agent. It can be applied directly to tough stains as an RTU or diluted for maintenance of tank pigment/dyes/oils and general hard to remove stains. Since it is ideal for most surfaces that come in contact with spray equipment, CleanMax is great for spray tank cleaning and sanitizing of residues and other materials left after spray applications.


This cleaning agent is able to remove pigment from spray equipment, clean most outdoor surfaces stains, and clean residue from spray tanks after pesticide or fertilizer applications. It is easily used by diluting 50/50 with water on typical stains or general cleaning. When applied as an internal spray tank cleaner, it can be used with 2 quarts/100 gallons water. However, Clean Max does not neutralize residual pesticide activity.


From: Target Specialty Products; Santa Fe Springs, CA